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Music and Movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

It’s more than just singing songs

At Music with Mar. we know that music activates all areas of the brain. When we add movement – We have a powerful combination! Our songs teach basic social, motor, language and cognitive skills in a 45 minute class where children participate with their adult.

What makes Music with Mar. different?

Fun and family friendly

Affordable - priced per family, not per child

Flexible - no sessions - come when you can

Teaches the whole child through music

Songs teach basic social, motor, language and cognitive skills

Predictable class format that encourages participation

Developmentally sound and based on current brain research


Become an Instructor

Passionate about teaching and interested in sharing Mr. Froggy with children and families everywhere? Are you looking for a way to use your talents with preschoolers and their families? Do you want to set your own schedule? Join our team of talented instructors and bring Mr. Froggy to the children and families in your area.

Talk of the Town

We adore coming to Music with Mar. music class. I love that I can bring my family of four for one incredibly low price. Thank you for being a staple in my children’s childhood!


I’m grateful I have the time to help out with my grandchildren and Music with Mar. classes give us a fun, affordable activity to do together while mom and dad are at work. I’ve made friends with other grandparents in class, too!


These incredibly entertaining music classes involve songs with movement that target skills such as vocabulary development, following directions, and sound syllable segmentation and correspondence in a structured way which all contribute to a child’s language development and pre-literacy skills. You know you have done something valuable when your child begins using words and phrases in a functional way they have initially learned through a song – something I witnessed firsthand with every single one of my four kids since regularly attending Music with Mar classes. I highly recommend and encourage anyone with children to try these music classes. You and your children will fall in love with them, too.


Children that are able to participate in Music with Mar are exposed to so many beneficial fun adventures such as: proprioceptive, vestibular, motor planning, and brain gym activities all set to fun music. In simple terms children learn where their bodies are in space, and the effect movement has on their bodies, while listening to directives through music, modeling and prompting. Studies have shown that this process is the best way for children to learn new motor planning tasks. One of the most important things is that the children all have fun while participating in all these important developmental activities.


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